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Obscure Ships

Obscure ships
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Welcome to the Obscure Ships LJ Community!

So you're *still* looking for the ultimate Sherlock Holmes/Henry Higgins animated icon? Really want to read an epic story about Jane Austen's potential romance with Tom Lefroy? Are you ridiculed for wishing that Jo and Laurie had got together in Little Women?

If so, then this is the place for you!

This is a community for people to discuss, write and read fanfiction, make icons, post fanart about relationships either fictional or historical that are 'obscure'. Obscure can be defined as:

-It never happened and nobody/very few people ship it. e.g. Aragorn/Eowyn (LotR) so most Harry Potter ships are out- e.g. Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny etc
-It happened and there was never any doubt about it so nobody cares much so no fan sites or fanfiction (because it wasn't central to the plot perhaps). e.g. Jane/Mr. Bingley (Pride and Prejudice) so Harry/Ginny type ships do NOT count.
-Pairings you don't particularly ship but are interested in their dynamic but it never gets discussed anywhere e.g. Fanny Bertram/Henry Crawford (Mansfield Park)
-It couldn't possibly have happened because the characters come from different works e.g. Harry Potter/Buffy
-There isn't a big enough community around e.g. Molly/Roger (Wives and Daughters)
-It's just plain obscure e.g. Cicero/Terentia (Roman history)

Once you have worked out if your ship(s) is/are suitably obscure please join and post an introduction explaining what you ship and why. This is important; please don't simply join and list random pairings. If you really do ship something obscure then you must have a reason why you think there's canon evidence for why they should have got together or why they would be compatible. Don't say Julius Caesar/Margaret Thatcher unless you actually ship it.

Please make it clear what fandom your ship comes from. Just saying "I ship Will/Jane" isn't going to mean much to people unless you say that you're referring to characters in The Dark is Rising quintet by Susan Cooper.

A Few EASY Rules

-No NC-17/18 rated material. If you've come here to read kinky smut then this is not the place for you! This community is about shipping which means relationships. Yes, sex happens but please keep it R/15 rated and label any such material carefully. No PWPs allowed at all.
-Please be polite to people! You may not see the point of Paris/Juliet but someone else does and please respect their feelings when discussing or debating. No slagging off of ships.
-Don't post about ships which already have large communities. That defeats the point.
-No humanoid/non humanoid ships (elfs, nymphs and the similar are allowed) or anything relatively squicky. Homosexual relationships and relationships within a reasonable age gap are allowed.
-No relationships between real, living people allowed.

Once you have introduced yourself, I shall add your ships to the interests list so hopefully you will find other people who ship the same pairings as you. There's BOUND to be someone else out there. So far, the interests just consist of my obscure ships, so we need to add to that!

I hope as the community expands that we will be able to have fanfiction contests and things like that. At the moment, feel free to post icons, fanfic, fanart or essays and request them too.

Just have fun! :D