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Marchioness of Vidal

My obscure ships and introduction

Hello again! Since we now have some members, I'll get the ball rolling and introduce myself and my ships. :)

Name: Terentia
Age: 18
Location: Cambridge, UK
Main ships: Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny (HP), Darcy/Elizabeth (P&P)
Obscure ships:

1. Colonel Fitzwilliam/Georgiana Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
Why? This is a completely fanon ship but I quite like the idea of it. Georgiana has been pretty traumatised by Wickham and is very shy. I can see her having trust issues. I love the whole best-friends-turn-lovers idea and I think that this could happen to Georgiana and the Colonel. Could it happen? Possibly! (Having said this, I do also quite like the idea of Colonel Fitzwilliam/Charlotte. Just think of the angst on Charlotte's part as a married non romantic finally finding love!)

2. Kel/Neal (The Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce)
Why? Kel had a crush on him and I always found that really sweet. I like their bickering. It's not that I disliked Yuki but she was never really developped as a character. Same with Cleon and Dom. Kel isn't a girl who will marry some baron and be a trophy wife. With Neal she'd be on equal terms. Could it happen? Not impossible but very unlikely.

3. Will/Jane (The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper)
Why? There's no romance in the series but I feel that there are certainly hints here (and I love reading between the line!). Jane seems to get on best with Will out of the three siblings, like him she has a magical connection with the Lady and they're really the only pairing that's even mentioned. When the Lady comes to Jane at the lake Will rushes to help her and there's a lovely moment of closeness. :P Bran asks Will if he's ever thought of Jane as pretty and he says he hasn't, but it mentions the possibility that he will... Could it happen? Absolutely, if there was explicit romance in canon. ;)

4. Ron/Luna (Harry Potter)- not totally sure if this is obscure or not, but it's certainly not very well known as HP ships go.
Why? Luna has an obvious crush on Ron and in HPB there were signs that Ron was starting to appreciate her more. I think they'd be far more compatible than Ron/Hermione because Luna is very clever but I think she'd be more patient. She's a sort of anti-Hermione. NOTE: No shipping wars. Could it happen? Considering what JKR's said in interviews post HPB, no, but it really ought to!

5. Jane Austen/Tom Lefroy (real life, early 19th century)
Why? Jane Austen had a little known romance or flirtation with a young Irishman called Tom Lefroy but they were too poor to marry. They caused a bit of a scandal with their outrageous flirting. A what-if ship for me. What would have happened if she had married him? How much in love was she? I like to think of the idea of maybe Henry Tilney being based on Tom. Could it happen? It might have done! We don't know how into each other they were.

6. Sherlock Holmes/Henry Higgins (Sherlock Holmes detective stories/Pygmalion (My Fair Lady))
Why? Can you just imagine these two misogynistic, confirmed bachelors getting together? The methodical detective teaming up with the phonetician. They're quite similar really. Could it happen? Never! I just think it sounds cool!

7. Eliza Doolittle/Henry Higgins (My Fair Lady)
Why? Because he sang 'I've grown accustomed to her face!' and she gave him back his slippers. Could it happen? Yes!

8. Cicero/Terentia (Roman history)
Why? Because I read one of his letters to her when he was in exile and it was so sweet! Discovered later than Terentia wasn't a very nice person and that the love in the letter was probably formulaic but for some reason I just really like it! Could it happen? It did happen!

9. Mia/Nick (Princess Diaries film 2)
Why? Because the actor playing Nick is incredibly good looking and the chemistry is amazing. Again, love the bickering. I wish they'd had more scenes together. Could it happen? It did.

10. Howl/Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle)
Why? Only seen the Miyazaki film (see icon!)- not read the Diana Wynne Jones book though I want to- and I just think they're wonderful! Could it happen? It did.

11. Aragorn/Eowyn (Lord of the Rings)
Why? Because I somehow managed to miss the entire bit of the book where it says Eowyn married Faramir when I first read it and honestly thought they got together. Because Arwen is non existant in the book and incredibly irritating in the film. Could it happen? No.

12. Jo/Laurie (Little Women by LM Alcott)
Why? Because they should have got together. They were amazing for each other. I quite like Jo/Dr. Baer but Laurie/Amy was just like WTF where did that come from! Could it happen? It didn't. Sob.

Phew! I think that's it! I also find James/Isabella (Northanger Abbey), Snape/Lily (Harry Potter), Fanny/Henry Crawford (Mansfield Park) interesting but I don't ship them.

I was thinking about getting some sort of community icon, if anyone's good at making them. Maybe when we've got more members we can have an animated icon with different people's ships on then. At the moment it's Howl/Sophie, but obviously that's very biased towards me!
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